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Douglas Whitla

Douglas Whitla

In 1987, Wellesley and Chatham natives Stuart and Douglas Whitla combined their experience in boat building and historic preservation to create Whitla Brothers Builders. Since Stuart’s passing in 2007, Douglas has carried on the brothers’ guiding principles of infusing passion, excellence, integrity and fun into every Whitla Brothers project.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being excellent, being fair, and having a great sense of humor. That’s who Doug Whitla is.

L.R. from Wellesley

Unsurpassed Craftsmanship

Our clients expect and deserve excellence. With decades of experience, a passionate dedication to our craft, and meticulous attention to detail, Whitla Brothers Builders delivers that excellence.

Seamless, Hands-On Project Management

Making the decision to build is exciting. Staying on top of the details and wading through the myriad of decisions to be made can be daunting. This process is made infinitely easier when a knowledgeable partner is on board. The Whitla Brothers crew, together with their seasoned and dedicated subcontractors, forms an integrated team of experienced professionals who can guide clients through this process. Count on us to provide sound advice and honest transparency, facilitate clear communication among all the parties involved, and keep the project on track.

Reliable, Attentive Service

Long after the last craftsman has left, and the construction site becomes a family’s home, a connection to Whitla Brothers Builders remains. Upon completion, we know the house better than our clients do, and we take that responsibility seriously. Even years later, our clients know that we’re just a phone call away, available to solve any problem that should arise. We can conduct regular inspections, coordinate maintenance work, and advise on additional projects—anything our clients might need. We build houses, yes. But we build lasting relationships with our clients as well.

Thank you for your interest in Whitla Brothers Builders. We look forward to hearing from you.

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